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There's Something in My Closet - HARDCOVER

There's Something in My Closet - HARDCOVER

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Do you struggle with bedtime anxiety when putting your children to sleep? Fear of the dark or bedtime can be a daunting experience for young ones and can be a challenge for parents or caregivers. That's why I wrote a book that will help children overcome their fear and build their confidence through positive affirmations. It's a perfect story that emphasizes the importance of positive thinking and promotes a peaceful bedtime routine.

Synopsis: Rocky is a young boy who likes to play outside, read stories, ride his bike, and so many other things. But one thing Rocky does NOT like is bedtime! Rocky will do whatever it takes to stay up late, even lie. Until one night when he hears strange sounds coming from his closet. . . . He runs to tell Mama and Daddy—but will they believe him? This delightful and engaging story explores our bedtime fears and the importance of telling the truth. Written by Frank Coates—best known as Mister Boom Boom of Philadelphia’s beloved children’s music program, Music Play Patrol!

Author: Frank Coates

Illustrator: Carlos Varejão

Publisher: Music Play Patrol

ISBN: 979-8-218-33572-4

List Price: $19.95

Pages: 42

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